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InstaBIZ: Business Banking App
InstaBIZ- ICICI Bank's super banking app is available for both ICICI Bank customer and now also for Non ICICI Bank customers who can login as a guest and avail multiple benefits.

With the all-new InstaBIZ, anyone can use the app. Non ICICI Bank customers can enjoy services like linking any Non-ICICI Bank account and start instant collection through POS and UPI and enjoy other merchants solutions. They can also apply for Instant overdraft up to Rs 25 lacs and get instant disbursement. They also have the option to open a current account instantly through video KYC.

Even without an ICICI Bank CA, they can apply for Instant overdraft up to Rs 25 lacs and open an ICICI Bank Current account instantly for disbursement.

We have now introduced banking plus section, which will help customer to manage and grow their business through instant on boarding and exclusive proposition on partner’s platform. Additionally , access to Trade emerge platform which offers a one-stop-solution for exporters and importers needs which is now available to all customers of any bank .

Customers of ICICI Bank customer can avail a range of services of additional services like quick tax payments, Business Loans, Collection and Payments solutions, Foreign Trade, Investment and Insurance – all on a single mobile banking app!

ICICI Bank InstaBIZ caters to not only all banking but also to other business needs of an enterprise with unparalleled convenience of both time and place. It caters to all the business needs covering tax management, invoicing, regulatory compliance and business networking.
Welcome to the world of InstaBIZ with features of:

Transaction banking
1) Single and bulk payments, invoice collections and point of sale collections
2) Online foreign trade transactions
3) Tax payments – GST, TDS and advance tax

Information services
1) Check your account balance, view and email detailed bank statements of your current accounts
2) View all your business loan related details in a single section including your sanction amount, ROI, renewal date
3) One view of all foreign trade transaction (including pending remittances for settlement, transaction status, etc.) and pending regulatory compliance viz. outstanding bills/LC/BG

1) Instant overdraft
2) Option to apply online for business loan, home loan, auto loan and personal loan

Instant activation of products and services on click of a button
1) Bulk payment platform, invoice collection platform, online foreign trade transaction platform, etc.
2) Instant insurance policy issuance

Business Management Tools
1) Free access to business networking platform
2) Access to business management tool to raise and manage invoices and bills, with advantage of auto bank reconciliation

Other value added services
1) Learn about the trends and other business management techniques from industry experts
2) Get exclusive offers from our partners to manage and grow your business
3) Get personalized recommendations on products to assist you in growing your business


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