Competitive Sales Intelligence

MixRank tracks your customers so you don't miss an opportunity

Mobile App & SDK Intelligence

MixRank is the most comprehensive database of mobile apps, developers, SDKs, technologies, services, and integrations. Hundreds of the top mobile technology and services vendors have used MixRank to grow sales, react to competitors, plan market strategies, and retain customers.

mNectar Phunware AppLovin Smaato

MixRank gives us insight into what app developers are doing and who they are partnering with. It means strong mobile intelligence and it allows our business development teams to know better focus and succeed.

— Mark Rosner, Chief Publishing Officer, AppLovin

Before MixRank, it was difficult to know which apps utilized in-app ads unless we downloaded the app. With MixRank in our arsenal, it allows us to target the right developers and apps in a quick, efficient manner.

— Andrew Bear, Publisher Development Manager at Tapit! by Phunware

MixRank allowed us to tap into a world of data that was completely out of our reach. It’s like they read our sales team wish-list and delivered a product that answered almost all our needs. A+

— Ariel Shimoni, Director of Publisher Relations at StartApp

If you are in the business of targeting application developers and need to understand the ecosystem, MixRank is an essential tool in your kit. MixRank provides us with the data necessary to make better business decisions.

— Rob Kramer, General Manager of Mobile, OpenX whitepaper

We analyze the economic implications of the mobile application ecosystem and have found MixRank data to be extremely useful for our app and SDK research.

— Tim Jaconette, Senior Researcher, Stanford University whitepaper

MixRank is a great tool to do any type of competitive analysis for mobile apps. MixRank's comprehensive database allows me to focus more time on the sales process and less on vetting my leads.

— Jonathan Lau, Business Development, Supersonic whitepaper

Although cross-sectional data of mobile apps can be obtained, very few companies can provide historical data. We found the historical depth and breadth of MixRank to be extremely helpful.

— USC Marshall School of Business whitepaper
  • The world's first, our technology continuously scans mobile apps to detect thousands of technologies, SDKs, and libraries. Identify integrations for advertising, monetization, tracking, analytics, social, cloud, SaaS, and more.
  • Build watch lists by category, downloads, rankings, SDKs, permissions, ratings, languages, countries, and much more. Get alerts when apps enter or leave your watch lists.
  • Conquesting a new market segment? One click to append companies and contacts. One more click to export to Salesforce.
  • Power users: export in bulk to CSV, or integrate directly with our API.

Web Tags & Ads Intelligence

MixRank continuously crawls the web, detecting tags, ad campaigns, technologies, SaaS & social integrations, and much more. Identify new customers using thousands of fingerprints that predict buying behavior, market fit, and budget.

Quantcast AdKnowledge Open-X Optimizely

MixRank is a fantastic product research tool - it's helped us identify the leading publishers to learn about their measurement needs, and that's helped us build a better product.

— Julie Heiser, Head of Customer Research, Quantcast

I think that the biggest way that MixRank has helped our team is to reduce the number of “surprises” we might have on a call – the best example would be if they're using a competitor and we can see that via MixRank, we can set “land mines” or position the conversation to play to our strengths and that competitor's weaknesses.

— Becca Lindquist, Account Executive, Optimizely whitepaper
  • See the technologies a website is using for analytics, monetization, advertising and more.
  • Extract structured and semi-structured data from websites to support your unique business operations.
  • Build watch lists by ad campaigns, categories, tags, technologies, unique visitors, countries & regions, companies and much more. Get alerts when websites enter or leave your watch lists.
  • See ad creatives, impression frequently, keyword placements, publisher placements, landing pages, and active ad campaigns.
  • Ideal for media sales teams to prospect, qualify, and contact digital advertisers that are targeting the exact audience you are selling.
  • Conquesting a new market segment? One click to append companies and contacts. One more click to export to Salesforce.
  • Power users: export in bulk to CSV, or integrate directly with our API.

Contacts & Corporate Intelligence

MixRank maintains an expansive database of companies, decision makers, and contact information. Our technology scans for new contacts and validates them in real-time so you can have confidence you're acting on fresh information.

Bluenose inDinero Sprint Sprint

In two quarters since bringing in MixRank, our opportunity creation has exploded over 1000% and their solution played a role in almost half the deals we've won.

— Justin Fibich, Platform Sales Manager, Apsalar

MixRank Increases Sales Efficiency Metric by At Least 200%

— Candy Yang, Senior Director of Business Development, Aarki whitepaper

Shortening mNectar’s Sales & Partnerships Cycle by 50%

— Daniel Cheng, Co-Founder of mNectar whitepaper
  • Build watch lists by title, industry, skills, countries & regions, companies and much more. Get alerts when contacts enter or leave your watch lists.
  • Connect with verified emails and phone numbers.
  • Conquesting a new market segment? One click to batch export to Salesforce.
  • Power users: export in bulk to CSV, or integrate directly with our API.

Our Goal

To be successul, our customers must be successful. We aim for our customers to get 10x ROI.

  • During onboarding, you'll receive an all hands training from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you get the most out of MixRank.
  • We take a consultative approach to Customer Success. We can be most helpful when we understand your business.
  • Our best ideas come from customers. We listen closely to your feedback, and get engineering involved to improve the product.