Enrich your recruitment platform

With data from 750+ million candidates

Supersize your hiring database and recruitment software with the world’s best qualified candidates, updated hourly.

Powering the world’s best data teams

Powerful data that builds powerful platforms

Precision-matched candidates

MixRank uses comprehensive data from more than 750 million candidates and 150+ data points to build and maintain a database of qualified candidates, whether they’re actively seeking positions or not.

Get an edge over the competition

Be the first to know when someone changes a job, or adds something to their profile. Simply offer a better experience because you’re getting the best data.

Unparalleled data delivery and engineering

API, flat file, or hosted database? MixRank’s got you. Our 100% on-premise data warehousing means we’re able to offer performance at unheard of costs. We’ve been in the data space for over a decade, and we’ve built our own file systems and open-source tooling to handle the data.

Get more dimensions to the data

Want niche data? We offer support for niche social profiles, and other data points that can help you stand out to employers that want as much information as possible, to better qualify candidates.

Data-driven recruiting to find top talent

750M+ candidate profiles, updated 135M times a month.

Data delivered every hour, for highest profile freshness.

Key data points to help qualify candidates better for employees.

Enrich profiles with more information and niche data points.

Map existing data to MixRank’s database using proprietary solutions.

Keep track of actively recruiting companies, by analyzing job posts.


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Mobile SDK Detections


Employee Profile Scan


Companies Indexed

3 Petabytes/mo

Data Processed by MixRank


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Test MixRank data for free

Want to see the data? No credit card required. We’ll give you a free data sample, set you up with an API key, or give you access to our hosted database.

MixRank Candidate Enrichment Data FAQs

What are the sources for this data?
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MixRank sources this data from publicly available web pages, and platforms. There are a number of sources — some you’d recognize and some you wouldn’t — to build a valuable dataset for your recruitment platform. Why don’t we name names? Well, then we’d reveal our secret sauce. Give it a try and see for yourself how accurate and powerful MixRank is.

How much does MixRank cost?
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What if I want a deeper integration with my own dataset?
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