Competitive website and technographics data

MixRank provides key insights into a company’s technology usage, by analyzing website performance and keeping track of every tech product that runs on the company web pages.


Powering the world’s best data teams

Insights into websites & web technologies

With MixRank’s web technographic dataset, you gain intel on competitor website analytics, what technologies websites use, as well as insights about your competitors and their customers. Find opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Web technology data insights

Hundreds of millions of websites indexed and scanned.

Over 4,000 web technologies hand-curated by our analyst team.

Get key insights, including timestamps of when we detected a technology.

Use for

Sales & Marketing

Discover websites that fit your customer profile, that are in need of your solutions. Be the first to know when a new website starts gaining traction, and wants your product.

Use for

Business Intelligence

Keep track of competitors, and discover every website/customer they work with. Be the first to know when someone removes a competitor from the website, creating a new opportunity for you.

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MixRank People’s Dataset FAQs

Where does MixRank’s web tech dataset come from?
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MixRank crawls the public web to collect information about websites. We look through web code to understand if a website uses a specific technology or not. What we do is easy to start, but nearly impossible to scale — which is what we’re really good at!

How much does MixRank charge for datasets?
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How old/fresh is the data in MixRank’s datasets?
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