Mobile App & SDK data

MixRank delivers a treasure trove of software development kit (SDK) intelligence for iOS and Android, instantly identifying potential clients based on their downloads, revenue, location, SDKs, permissions, rankings and more.


Powering the world’s best data teams

Data on 20 Million+ iOS and Android Apps

Hundreds of top mobile app technology companies, publishers and agencies have used MixRank to grow sales, react to competitors, plan market strategies and retain customers.

Mobile app and SDK insights

20M+ iOS and Android apps scanned and indexed — the largest database of apps, second to none.

30,000 SDKs cataloged by hand, with millions of lines of code inspected by our analyst team for high accuracy curation.

150,000 App-SDK scans every day. Top apps are updated within minutes of a new release.

Data since 2013 — get insights that no one else in the industry can provide!

App metadata including downloads, IAP revenue, reviews, ratings, permissions and more.

Get information about developers and track app/SDK momentum.

Use for

Sales & marketing

Discover new apps that fit your ideal customer profile, or find apps that uninstalled a competitor you track.

Use for

Business intelligence

Identify every single app you could work with, and compare competition and attrition data against other vendors in your space.

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MixRank Mobile App Data FAQs

How does MixRank collect this data?
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MixRank scans millions of apps each day. We download every app we see, decompile them, run static and dynamic analyses to capture all metadata, and see every single SDK that’s present inside each app.

How much does MixRank charge for mobile app and SDK data?
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Does MixRank have historic data?
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