Enriched company firmographics

Get the world’s most comprehensive company dataset — tracking 45M+ companies, with rich insights and metadata that’s refreshed every month, with a history that goes back to 2+ years. Integrate all this data into your own data platforms, and be the first to know when companies change any metrics.


Powering the world’s best data teams

Complete Firmographic Database

From newly minted startups to public organizations, find and keep track of every company out there and get insights on location, size, industry, employee growth across years, industry classification, and more…

Company data insights

45M+ companies indexed, and refreshed every single month.

60+ individual data points for each company record.

Data delivered hourly, via API, flat-file, or shared PostgreSQL databases.

Key trends like employee growth, jobs, company social media activity and more.

Employee-count data available as time-series data, month-over-month for 2+ years.

Use for

B2B Data Enrichment

Enrich your sign-up forms, CRMs, marketing automation and BI tools with powerful insights about your customers, leads and competitors.

Use for

Investment Intelligence

Track private companies, pre-IPO companies, and public company acquisition targets. See detailed insights of company growth with historical insights.

Use for

Sales and Demand Generation

Build look-alike audiences based on your best customers, and identify new prospects based on company growth signals.

Use for

Competitive Insights | Data Licensing | Data Companies

Building your own data platform? Don’t start from scratch. License out the MixRank Company Dataset, and focus on delivering world-class experiences for your end-customers while we provide you with the entire universe of companies, updated hourly.

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MixRank Company Data FAQs

Where does MixRank get firmographic data on all these companies?
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We get asked this a lot, and without giving away too much of our secret sauce, we can tell you that we scan millions of public sources ourselves, and do real-time analysis at massive scale, to ensure you always have the best data in your pipeline.

How do you deliver the data?
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What do you charge for company data? Can we pay for just the data that we use?
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