About MixRank

Our Story

We started MixRank with a simple goal: that we could use technology to make life meaningfully easier for sales and marketing teams.

Since our founding in 2011 we're thrilled at the progress we've made. Our customers include many of the most successful technology and media companies, and fastest growing startups. We thrive on helping our customers achieve ambitious growth targets.

We accomplish this by collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data across the web and mobile. We learn everything we can about possible buyers, including company firmographics, decision makers, websites, apps, commercial technologies, ad campaigns, and more. Our customers can then narrow down and qualify their target prospects using criteria unique to the MixRank platform.

Scott Milliken

Founder, CEO

Mathematician, coder, entrepreneur, and data nerd. Scott's been hacking on computers since he assembled his first system at 11. He skipped high school and enrolled in college at 14, transferred to Berkeley finishing a BA in Mathematics in 4 semesters, starting businesses on the side to pay for school. He's written code used by tens of millions of people, and code that's processed 100's of petabytes of data.


MixRank received initial funding in the Summer 2011 batch of Y Combinator, and has since been privileged to attract the support of some of the world’s premier technology investors.